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thiS side tHat side

This week, Captain Amreeka was in town.  All in all, I had way too many drinks with him, almost coming on par with those nights out on the town with Benjamino.  You might be forgiven for thinking nothing much has changed, and in some senses you might not be all that wrong either.

Earlir this week, a friend from Kokomo, H, was in town and we made a spontaneous plan to meet up.  I congratulated myself on this turn of events, specifically my unexpected ability to accommodate a concept as far fetched as spontaneity.  Hah!  For those who’ve been and remember, the Fantasy Island can be said to consist of 2 main blocks of land.  Kowloon and the New Territories adjoin what is pejoratively referred to as the Mainland, and to the south, the island from which this former colony derives its name.  A thin stretch of water separates the two sides, bridged by ten minute ferry rides.  So I says to our first time visitor, lets meet on THIS side of the harbour and have coffee on the OTHER side.  What transpired was, Ms H started out on THIS side and skipped the meeting part, taking the ferry straight to the OTHER side.  Meanwhile I’m waiting at the right place.  She has no SIM card.  Finding a wifi spot, I finally get a farcebook msg saying :”I’m on the OTHER side”.  I reply: “ ok wait there.  I’ll come”  Now I arrive at the OTHER side and look around for a while.  No Ms H, no further FB msgs.  I eat some brunch. Turns out, she didn’t think her msg got through, and she’s worked out I must have meant THIS side so she took the opposite ferry back.   When this msg finds its way to me mid brunch, I take the ferry back over to THIS side and we finally have a coffee.  It reminded me of that merry chase through the national park with Blondie. 

On my day off this week, in the absence of a pretty girl to hang on my arm, I sat in my room feeling a little at a loss for something to do.  Then I got a brainwave.   Probably it was something more than that.  An item way way down the nebulous to-do list of yesteryears floated up to the surface and made me sit up with a jolt of adrenaline.  So I put some shoes on, packed my guitar and went busking.  You’d think someone who’s sung in a bar might not make such a big deal of selling their voice on the street, but once I got there, it took a while before I could bring myself to get the guitar out and commit to doing it.  Just under $100 or about 15AUD for 3.5 hours, in the end.  Not bad if you need to eat.  And I did eat quite well on that cash.   Clap clap clap.  Now how can we turn this into something I could legitimately call ministry?

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