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In the interim between last post and now, which is an unprecedented 2 months, not very much of import has transpired.  Or nothing so important that I can call it up in memory without help from my Retrieval Monkeys*.  Oh sure, at the time, everything seems like it is Massive, but when it’s passed, it just kinda fades.  Part of the art of blogging is to catch things in the Massive Moment and make what is of probably trivial eternal consequence into an episode worth reading about.  J

These 2 weeks past I’ve seen a whole lot of the Cat Fabiano.  First was the final instalment of our internship year – a week of some input and a whole lot of praying, and Jesus healing our pasts and releasing our futures.  So goes the byline.  Also a week of not doing your normal job and having every night off.  Just about.  It was very pleasant.  Then came the annual conference.  My 6th one, I kept telling people.  Funny enough, CatFab also nutted on about things that have eternal consequence, in the context that is, of things you might get hot under the collar about. 

In the middle of all this, I came across an article also, by the way, appearing in the SMH, which entreated me to ask: “ is my job a load of bullshit?” Going on the prescribed criteria, I was tempted to say yes, it does seem to resemble cow manure and I haven’t very much to show for it.

This here Parkinsons Law, seemed to describe my situation rather well -  "A lack of real activity does not, of necessity, result in leisure … The thing to be done swells in importance and complexity in a direct ratio with the time to be spent."

Soooo, here I was with this jumble of information and questions:

  1. is what I’m doing bullshit?

  2. Is it not?

  3. What eternal consequence does it have?

And then the good Lady JP spent a whole morning of stories to get to this point: “in the kingdom of God, you might have nothing at all to show for your obedience, and it would be completely fine.”  The thing of eternal consequence is we obey the eternal God.  This coming from someone who has arguably more fruit than most of the world to show for her time spent. And so I thought, oh yeah thank you for the freedom.  But then now, how does that look in a community that is so consumingly concerned with tasks, and projects and outcomes?  How come in 7 years I never worked this one out and have to do it now? 

K and I have started wagering our takeaway coffee mugs on points where we differ in opinion.  Hopefully, one day soon, I will own all the coffee mugs and then sell them back to her at a discount.  I’m sure she has similar ambitions.    

* the agents in human minds that file away and then retrieve information when needed, at the direction of the Librarian, who organises the headspace. 
Tags: eq, mini universe, platitude, prayer
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