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Welcome back to AGDO – distilled insouciance. So much insouciance that there have been no entries for hmmm, maybe 3 months. Well the adventure continues, currently plus one, so to speak of my newly acquired wife and designated travelling companion.

Married life rocks. I think about it in comparison with the kind of life I’ve led in the last 7 years and it seems a dream. As someone put it quite succinctly, summing up the experience for me :

“People say being married and suddenly being faced with your spouse all the time can be difficult to take if you’re used to just you in your space and your time. For us, we are used to being in the everyone space and everyone’s time, and this’ everyone’ is hardly anybody that you have chosen to be with except in a very general sense. Suddenly only having to be with the one person you have chosen to live with is the best thing ever”

Here is us, on what turned out to be the best day.

the shot

We have, after a decent amount of time on honeymoon, returned to our fabled Tonglao, and continued imposing our will on this much abused flat, while at the same time settling and giving in to, the rhythms of life at Cheung Sha Wan. It is a nice rhythm of work and leisure, although in this new life the terms “work” and “leisure” take on a definition that was mostly irrelevant and at best seemed fuzzy when I was ensconced in the bruvah miniverse.

This week, someone in our miniverse who has been around long enough to have led current helpers to Jesus, confessed to not knowing the origin of the 12 twelve tribes of Israel. If you think, 10 years of knowing Jesus, in a place like ours, with maybe 5 years of attending training meetings and being on teams where Bible is taught and discussed and intermittently overviewed, that sounds like a bit of a fall through the cracks. Maybe it’s not really important. Although I kinda think it matters in the long run.

In an incidental contrast to that, this evening, the K and I discussed the relative merits of Calvinism v. Arminism. To no satisfactory conclusion, predictably. Invariably. Pre-determinedly. Ho ho ho.

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